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Meet The Owner


Karen Jordan 

Chief Executive Officer founder of the New Orleans East Satin Dolls School of Dance, Nonprofit  

Karen Jordan started dancing at the age of (5) danced for Treme Community Center, Cheerleader at Tamborine and Fan (Hunter's Field) Majorette at Albert Wicker Elementary, and Majorette/Drum Majorette at Samuel J. Peters, she always knew she wanted to dance and participate in extra curriculum activities. She was a majorette at John Mac Donogh Sr. High, where she became the captain in her senior year in 1985. Karen was the majorette, and sponsor at Sara T. Reed High School. (2009-2011) She sponsored the Pep Squad at Resurrection of our Lord (2016-2018) and then she opened her own dance school in 2017. A natural-born dancer and many skills to follow. In her younger days, she mentored young girls, by teaching them to how to dance and twirl batons. She danced with Oliver and the Satin Dolls in 1985-1989. Coaches Shantelle (Mini's Coach Daneka  and Coach Robin. 




Coach Daneka Miles 



Coach Robin 


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