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Express Yourself Through Dance

The New Orleans East Satin Dolls School of Dance offers your child a chance to learn the art of dancing and hone their skills. Our professional instructors will give them a solid foundation and proper knowledge to become a better dancer. Teaching the basic techniques and terminology of dance.

We use the positive approach in training young dancers to develop discipline, grace, and dedication. Seeing the smile on their faces while learning the dance makes all our hard work worth it.

Who We Serve

In addition to teaching a wide variety of dancing styles, we offer lessons for any of the following in the New Orleans East area of Louisiana:

  • Majorettes
  • Hip Hop
  • Battle Squad
  • Contemporary/ Modern
  • Ballet/Pointe
  • Jazz
  • Pep Squads/ Cheerleaders
  • Adult Heel Classes
  • Adult Satin Dolls N. Heels
  • Competition & Lyrical Dancing 

For more information about our rates, please call us today at (504) 267-5673 or call 626-541-2327 Ext. 101-104 You may also email us at for a quote. Thank you very much!

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